Saturday, 19 April 2008

Dear Mr Uwe Stoklossa

A few years ago I did illustrate a car in life-size to be pasted on a delivery car.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a book that claimed that the idea wasn't by the art director I worked with but by someone else. So I decided to post some old work of mine to do justice to the original creators and to tell everyone who bothers to read my blog that Uwe Stoklossa did a minor miss-print in his book called "Blicktricks".
The book itself isn't bad and gathers ad's that confuses our sight.

The advertisement in question was done by Britta Egger (AD) and John Leuppi (Copywriter). Its credits can be read in full here.

My Illustration...
Lambo 'lip Sanscoeur

...and it's use.
Lambo 'lip Sanscoeur

The miss-print.
Lambo 'lip Sanscoeur

Philip Schaufelberger

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Uwe Stoklossa said...

Dear Mr. Schaufelberger

I'm sorry to hear, that there is a mistake in the book, espcially if it concerns the credit. I apent an incredible amount of time and effort in the research to name everyone correctly. In this case there must have been a mix up that I mentioned the "ad director" Markus Schärer instead of the "art-director" Britta Egger.

Before I printed the images I of course was in contact with the advertising agency who did this (wirz werbung) and sent them layouts of the pages to check everything and give the final OK from their side by paper and signature.

So either it was their will to name "Markus Schärer" or they did not see the mistake.

I will ask them again and if they agree I of course will change the credit line in further editions of the book.

I hope this is fine with you and I am glad to hear, that you nonetheless think the "book itself isn't bad" nonetheless.

The idea is marvellous whoever came up with it.

Thanks for reading,
Uwe Stoklossa