Thursday, 1 May 2008

Let's get ready to rumble....naked!

About a week ago, I took part in a comic-slam presented by the locally well-known Blutt Comicmagazine.
It basically works like a Slam-poetry contest, just with comics or illustrations instead of poems. The Blutt (blutt is the swiss-german word for naked) slam was the third of comic-slams that were held during the comic festival Fumetto in Lucerne and was well attended.

....Sadly, I just won second place.

Anyway, I thought I show you a few glimpses of the event.

Winner and loser, Jonas "Bubblejohny" and 'lip Sanscoeur...
Philip Schaufelberger

...Jam Jopp vs. Konrad Beck...
Jam Jopp konrad beck

...Simon "Abwerner" Schnellmann vs. Tashi
Simon Schnellmann

...Jam Jopp's fan-base
Jam Jopp

...'lip Sanscoeur
S'lip Sanscoeur

...and master Mathis "MATHIST" Pfäffli

...and here you can see further photos of the Bluttbattle!

Philip Schaufelberger

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