Thursday, 23 February 2012

dumped brand

Finally, the last post of this series for now! I hope it was a feast, because this last installment is about food. It's difficult to find a typical Czech speciality. Personally, I never discovered anything I could describe as a typical Czech dish. It was often the way the dish was served (I'll never forget that huge piece of meat. It was like the land of plenty.).
I know there probably will be some Austrians gathering Mozart Balls to throw at me, though I went with Dumplings for this one.

Today you can feed yourselves on the combination of the Českomoravský fotbalový svaz flag with Vepřo knedlo zelo. Mijam!

Českomoravský fotbalový

Click on the link to see them all collected or to safe it in your bookmarks for information about the release of the sticker-album later on.
Dearest, Philip Schaufelberger

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